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This was pretty fun! It would be really cool to see a variety of enemies after certain amounts of floors are climbed! This game made me scream very loudly a few times. Lulled me into a false sense of security only to jump scare me real good! Here's my playthrough:

Thank you for making a video! I have taken your suggestions into thought. The game will be receiving an update very soon!

Your game is very good bro! I will not deny, I took many scares. Congratulations for your work!
I'm from Brazil so i had to use google translator, i don't know if you can understand but thanks.
My video of your game!

Thank you for making a video


I played the first game and I come back to play the second game again. they both really scary. I really enjoy this game.

Thank you for making a video. The game was made to allow you to go up and down the flight of stairs. The floors count up when you go down because it's the total amount of floors you have been on. The number in brackets is the amount of floors that you have survived. The game is still in early access and so I will be making the entities chase you faster the longer you survive.

Also to add: An impressive amount of floors survived is in the 500 - 1000 range. I will be adding a note to inform players about this as well. Maybe some kind of reward system which will also show you whether you survived a good amount of floors.

that would be nice if you do that


They came from the dark... and it was awesome!

Thank you for making a video and for the tips! Not to spoil anything but in the final release of the game, you will be required to accomplish tasks on some floors which means the the game's world will be extended to environments other than the staircase. But thanks again!


The game is really good atmosphere is great rated 5/5 :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thank you for making a video!