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Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu


It was very unexpected and funn

I do a little indie horror showcase every Saturday on twitch. I don't like to vet or disqualify games because I've found that even the barely played, most unimpressive looking games can sometimes have a spark of something special in them, even if that something goes ultimately unrealized. It's fun, like treasure hunting in a sewer, and though most of the time I do find myself standing in a pile of shit, sometimes I walk away with something really special, or the knowledge that someday, something could be special (if the dev continues to work at it). That being said, this game drowned me. Never before have I played a "game" so cheap that the dev lies on their itch page about what it actually is. The screenshots are from something else entirely, and it is not based on a true story, it is based on several lame jumpscares and a hail storm of text that was peppered with my real first name, which was revealed to everyone watching without my beforehand knowledge or consent. I have played effective and creative bait and switch horror games before, and a few of them are remembered by me and my chat with great fondness, but this just made us sad. On a website where most devs seem to be trying to put their best work forward, why is this here? 

Hey, I'm sorry this did not go the way you intended... The game does not include your name, it gets it from your computer (The username)... And I have some great games that I have made if you would like to check my other games, especially Inside. This game is comedic in a sense and its probably not for you, a lot of other people really enjoyed this troll game though... check the comments if you do not believe me... Anyway I found myself laughing at your comment because my game seemed to piss you off and that is sort of what the point of the game is... And the screenshots you saw on the page belong to me of a game I was working on (You can literally check out the youtube video I made about Gore [the game in the screenshots] with the "Check Gore" button in the game)  So yeah... Have a good one... and once again, sorry.

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I was confused at first then I was like well damn I thought this was a game . but for some reason  I was intrigued . PS if you make another one do a better jump scare that one was boring try harder please lol.

This made my day 

Good one!

I am so mad...

Gave it a go...

It was fun, I had a lot of fun. 

Thank you for making this!!!! You are amazing!!!

Sure! go check out my new game "Inside" its at the top of the browse page!

It was hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot. Fantastic!!! 

This game was such a troll lol, i cant belive i got catfished by a game. Overall great short game 

wonderful just wonderful provides great scares and wonderful spooks 10/10 

BAMBOOZLED. "It's not much, but it gets the job done." lol

Skip my 1:40

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hey thanks for the laughs i played in my stream and i had so much fun

The best mind F@%# ever lmao. Can't wait to play the devs other games. Live playthrough here 

THIS GAME TRIPPED ME ALL THE WAY OUT! For real though this game was hilarious and it was the second game I played, make sure to go checked it out! Keep making good content bro!

Wow...just wow

Hey! I really liked seeing you play this game... Please go make a video of my new game, Inside! It's at the top of the browse page... it's $2 for the cheats... I will give the cheats to you for free if you are willing to make a video on the game where you will use the cheats to fool around a bit!

If you are interested, replay to this and I will then contact you via your channel email address that's located in the "About" section of your channel


You... are.... pure EVIL, for making this "game" lol. And it doesn't help that after I recorded this, I decided to look at everyone elses reactions. AND THEY DIDN'T REALLY GET SCARED. It just made me realize how much of a wimp I am😅😅

Amazing. This was just perfect, sir. I applaud you.


spooked for sure

you sir, are beautful

wait i put the wrong video in sorry

Sick game

Good one!! look forward to see gore come out 

Well that was different.

So spooky i almost got a heartattack. MUST WATCH(clickbait)

haha, not what i expected lol

super spooky it was screamed so much (second game played)

Well, this didn't scare me, but I did get a few good laughs out of it! Definitely not what I was expecting, but still enjoyable nonetheless! Great job!

hey thanks for the laughs i had fun! looking forward to more games from  you!

def not what I was expecting, but the meta-lingo wass fun! also I loved that you managed to create files and even use the name of our PCs (which was confusing because my PC name is not the same as my own lolololol I was thinking "wtf why that random name??" then I realize OH) I wish we could do more thought, have more choices, besides having pre-scripted argument with a troll... but it was fun \o and stupid lololol

Whether you like it or not Dev, a connection has been made hahaha I was only trying to play a game, and I feel like I've made a friend! I'll forgive you for what happened at the very beginning lol we barely knew each other then.

Great work!

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