A downloadable game for Windows

Sick is another one of my prototypes. But this time it is only a preview prototype which means that you can basically just walk around in the environment. The environment for this prototype is a small apartment. The theme for this game is horror and the environment was designed to be eerie.

Minimum Specs: 4Gb RAM, Intel Core i3, 350Mb Storage

This game might contain flashing images. Play at own risk.

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it. After unzipping the file, use Sick.exe to run the game.


Sick.zip 229 MB


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No sound, just walk aimless in that small room. Mouse Cursor is also on the screen all the time while ruin the gaming experience :/

Yes, its an extremely basic prototype. I mentioned it in the description that you basically just walk around in a small apartment. I made this as an environment test.


Waiting for some scary stuff :))