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Floors III brings an improved experience to the Floors games. In Floors III, you are placed in an endless staircase. But there is a catch: You are not alone. Will you be able to survive the endless increasing amount of creatures in this endless staircase?

Floors III is a perfect game for Youtubers, as it contains extreme suspense and very effective jump scares. With increasingly difficuly game play the game promises a challenge.

What does the game rate you with the amount of floors you survive?

Minimum Specs: 4Gb RAM, Intel Core i3, 100Mb Storage


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsa_b, andries, benade, Endless, floors, Horror, iii, scary, stairs


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Floors III.zip 82 MB


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Great game.  The unknown is scary!

all 3 floor games finished, i started getting the hang of it at the end hahaha


I may have accidentally broken your game...

Nice Game. Greetings from Germany.

This one it not bad . I had a blast to play. Nice

The BEST HORROR Game For YOUTUBERS...(Apparently)

I like this game need only 1 hour to get to floor 100 ;D

here is video (not english)

Gave me a nice little scare haha

I liked the concept but it just was not scary to me at all and the enemies were too easy to avoid.  I do like the concept though like i said it just needed to be expanded upon more.


I made it to Floor 100!  

It`s a good game and it is scary, but has some bugs (enemy stucks in wall). It would also be great if there was a other enemy or something like this. 

Thank you for making a video!

I took some time and added another entity and I also fixed the bug. Thank you!

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Done my beat in this game :) I have a trick to move faster than normal check out the video ;))

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This is a video of Floors I. This is Floors III.


So the concept is similar ? Please let me know then I will try :) 

It is similar, but it is a different game: It's scarier, harder and has multiple entities, etc.


Okay I will give it a try :)