A downloadable horror for Windows

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INSIDE is a horror game that uses certain elements, concepts and ideas to trigger the instinct for natural, primal FEAR.

Players are provided with a full story and 4 endings based on what the player did and how the player completes the game: The more effort that is put into and the game, the more rewarding the ending is.

You will not be disappointed by Inside.


Cheat Codes are made available for FREE!

Minimum System Requirements: 2GB RAM, Intel Core Celeron, 600MB Storage

Recommended System Requirements: 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5, 600MB Storage

#horror #inside #scary #survival #multiple-endings #realistic #creepy #action  #puzzle #singleplayer

Updated 4 days ago
Published 28 days ago
GenreSurvival, Action, Puzzle
Tags3D, Creepy, Horror, inside, Multiple Endings, scary, Singleplayer


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What is the music at the beginning of the game?

Soo many times Jeffery came zooming around the corner, scaring the crap outta me hahaha I had such an awesome experience playing through. Def a major step up from LGS!  Nothing really glared out at me that needs attention, except some minor grammatical issues. This is a pretty solid game from start to finish! Keep developing Andries!

Great work!

I only played some of it and first jumpscare from that demon thing made my heart race and me almost piss my pants! I don't remember a well known horror genre game doing that to me. 

Nice! Thanks for playing my game! use the cheats to play the game without the monster! The endings are fun as well!

Hi Andries. I saw Markiplier play this and I was wondering if you could let me know the classical music in... the beginning I think it was?

Sure! Nocturne Op 55 No 1

Heyy, thanks very much! - You know, it reminded me of "For the Damaged Coda". This Chopin guy ripped off Blonde Redhead!

The game was very fun, and just challenging enough to stay interesting. The story is pretty cool, and I liked how you gave the information needed to get each ending. The dude squatting around walking was terrifying for some reason!

Ah thanks! I saw the video yesterday on youtube! Thanks for playing!

Не пашла блен

Не понимаю? Что вы имеете в виду?

Та у меня 32 битная винда) нужна 64, все нормально)

Вы должны иметь возможность играть в игру с 32-битной Windows.

Тогда незнаю почему, у меня при запуске вылазит ошибка что не та версия бит Windows, обратитесь к разработчику.

О, тогда ваша версия для Windows, вероятно, слишком старая для игры, но я не пробовал игру на 32-битной версии, так что это может быть потому, что 32-битная версия слишком старая ... извините

I TRIED TO BEAT THIS GAME BUT I KEPT ON DYING. i still enjoyed it though. great game !!

Thanks! You can save the game from the pause menu*

This game had me nicely spooked. It was thrilling to be chased while also being taken into the storyline. Thank you for the spooks! Here's my gameplay for everyone's enjoyment. Inside

I am happy you enjoyed it! Thanks!

I figured out you can manually save after I made my gameplay... Anyways this game was one of the scariest games I've ever played. BRAVO!

That's awesome! Thanks!

It was certainly somewhat refreshing to playing something a tad outside of the norm. Thank you! 

I'm happy you found it refreshing!

Markiplier played my game

Thanks mark!

He even complimented it:)

Yes! I am satisfied now... the game may now become irrelevant. I thank everyone who played it and supported me!

I like what you got going here, I'm not going to lie though as soon as I got spotted it was pretty much a gg. I jumped everytime lol.  :)

Nice thanks for playing!

no problem

I tried out your game, scared me a bit.

Yes! Thanks! Its supposed to scare you tho XD

HI! I really enjoyed your game, but i would like to ask you what the piece that played in the intro sequence was called. BTW the game was real scary, almost pooped my pants.

Chopin Nocturne Op 55 No 1

Right on!

Thanks! I see someone already answered! But its quite similar to the Evil Morty song from Rick and Morty so if you liked the piece, then you should also listen to that!

Gave this game a go and I'm super glad I did. Although it was stressful at times I really enjoyed it. He scared me everytime! HAHAH 

Please check my gameplay below x

That's funny! I'm happy you got scared bad! XD

i played this game for a 3 random scary games video and OMG. it was the one that scared me the most LOL. really great game tho, it looks really good and i'm really intrigued in trying to finish it. ty for making this great game.14:05 is where playthrough starts!
That's awesome!

Okay, this game was a lot of fun! I got a good few spooks, but it's the fun type of scare and not the kind that will make you feel bad. I didn't get to escape, and I didn't solve any puzzles at all beyond turning the power on, possibly because I keep forgetting all of the stuff I collected and read. But I'm sure I can enjoy this on my own time and figure it out. The game bugged a couple of times too, which you can see in the video. Great stuff!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 8:42) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!

Thanks! I am happy you were scared!

Hey thanks for playing!

Got trapped under the table and the monster ran through closed doors, terrified me! Great game Andries_Benade! :)


Thanks! I'm very glad you got terrified!

Okay so this game actually gave me a heart attack. Here is my first look at INSIDE!


I'm happy you found it scary!

Oh my gosh this was way scarier than I expected hahaha I couldn't beat it, but this game definitely surpassed my expectations...

I'm glad to hear that!

Super glad you did end up finish making this game!! We had a whole lot of fun playing it (even if it wasn't always in the way you intended :P)  Looking forward to what else you come up with!!

Thanks a lot for playing the game!

Very nice game, I did not finish it got hunted by a ghost...

Really worth playing it.  score: 5/5

Thats great to hear!

Okay, I felt like this game was longer than it had to be, but I know it took a lot of thought to come up with something like this. To be honest, I'm not a fan of reading... but reading each diary entry did build some depth to the game. I didn't understand why the enemy was the enemy, but it did keep me alert after I found out what how it tracks you!

Skip to 14:06.

Nice! I like the doki-doki background music in the beginning XD

You should download the 2.2.0 version of the game tho!


Woah! This version of Inside is the first version! It had a ton of glitches! Including you getting that ending, it was a glitch... But throw away that antique and get the new Inside here on this page! You should do this again!

Oh shoot thats a old one? I had no idea Still loved it let me download the new one and do it again =D


So, first of all, how dare you make something so creepy. Second of all, I love it. I hate loving it but I love it. It's super eerie and builds up a lot of suspense. This game threw so many surprises at me and freaked me out.

That's great to hear! Thanks for playing and making a video!!!

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I think a little bit of poo came out when I played this

Haha! That's good to hear! It's supposed to be a scary game so I'm happy!

Мне игра понравилась, хоть я и не почувствовал первобытного, животного страха.

Вердикт: "Советую".

Спасибо за игру! Тогда у вас должно быть очень сильное сопротивление страху!

Я желаю вам удачи, в этом и последующих проектах. У вас большой потенциал, не потеряйте его.

I really enjoyed this game!! I didn't beat it tho :(

here's some gameplay ;)

Keep it up! the game was great :)

That's great to hear!

Man this game's jump scare got me so bad, I nearly flipped my table, bloody heck mate!

Lol! I'm glad it scared you!

OMG this game freaked me out! Loved it!!!!

Game play starts at 23:19

Very glad you enjoyed it! 

This was a good game it definitely  scared me. It did get me fustrated at times but overall. 

Well, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Hey Andries, you really scared us!

Thanks for the experience!

Good!!! That was the idea! XD

This guy played your game.. It's a cool game!

Thanks for playing! It's cool that the game scared you! XD

Hey, dieser Typ hat dein Spiel gespiel

Cool! Vielen Dank!

this game was about to give me a heart attack. It provided me with the best content for my video. Job well done. I do also request that you subscribe to the channel. It would mean alot to me

Awesome! Play the game, but just don't get a heart attack!!

Deleted 14 days ago
Deleted 14 days ago
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Great game, Keeps the Atmosphere just the right amount of spooky..  Gonna have to play again..

Nice! It's great that you find it spooky!

what a great game 😱😱😱

Hey! Thanks for playing my game! I am glad you enjoyed it! But most of all, I'm glad you got scared!

I really enjoyed this game, it was scary and always made me wonder what was coming next and I really liked the music at the home screen so props on that too. I also happened to create a video on it just for comedic reasons if that's ok. Good luck on future projects and anything that you do in the future!

Hey! Thanks for playing my game! I enjoyed the video!

I must say, there were few scary elements, but I found it slightly more funnier than scary (IN A GOOD WAY) It's the monsters crawling walking and breathing that made it kinda funny and just an interaction with it was really fun xD, I did spot few glitches such as the monsters walking through the door but overall the game was dope (I have a feeling that markiplier might play this on 3 scary games series)

I really hope that he does play it to be honest!

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