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After ingesting sleeping medication George enters a new world known as the realm of death, or as Pendulus likes to call it, "The Reality of Death". George is faced with finding out where he is and at the same time fighting against evil while uncovering secrets about his past.


  • 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay
  • Youtuber/Streamer friendly

M I N I M U M   S P E C S

  • 2GB RAM
  • Intel Celeron
  • 150MB Storage
  • Note: The game has adjustable graphics for performance improvement.
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags3D, Casual, Creepy, drugs, Funny, Horror, overdose, scary, weird


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Overdose 1.0.1.zip 136 MB


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Andries! Yet another game that I enjoyed with yet another powerful ending! Addiction is awful, and I'm glad that you put that website link at the end of the game (I put it in my video description as well). The lore surrounding Pendulus was excellent btw! Once again, I'll share this game on Discord!

It was a lot of fun

I know im Late. But this game bro. I forgot How hard it was. Its divided into two parts
Great job on the game once again. Keep it up brothee

Thanks a lot man!

That was such a sad ending, I didn't expect it at all! 

Youre a pretty funny guy 😂

It was such a challenge getting through the game, I am not sure how many times I actually died while playing.. I am impressed that you constructed mazes which are circular, it’s such a unique approach to making the player feel lost, but not actually causing the player to waste a lot of time not finding where to go. The combat was difficult but I worked out multiple tricks to deal with the enemies while playing the game, like they can’t corner well.

There was so many good moments when being mocked by the speaker, you created some really good dialogue.

Really fun game, and such a long experience for a free game I spent over an hour playing, and there were so many funny moments in the game.

Thanks man! I appreciate it a lot!

Ngl, didn't expect the ending, was a fun game and I love the whole work u put in it. Great Job! 

Thanks man!

As soon as I started playing it, I knew I was going for something scary,fun and confusing. I love this game...the talking door/portal and the lil demons scared the shit out of me in random moments. I'm doing a part 2 soon, so stay tuned. Thank you for this experience! <3

Thanks man! This is GREAT!

It's a new and long story game.

Thanks for playing!

Creepy game. Great work!

Thanks man!

i played your game here , im the DRMIX , i played it my way

Thanks man!

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 🙏

Thanks for playing!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey man, thanks for playing! There are 10 levels.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep working at it!

Thanks my dude!

Ill be playing this live 3/9 6:30 EST on twitch


Thanks man!

Oh! Man, this game is great. I like it

Thanks man, i agree with you 😎

Looks super awesome! Definitely should check this game out!

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Really enjoyed the adventure through different realities and their lore, boss fights were pretty simple and the zones were unique, thank you for making this! 


Its a huge pleasure, it was a really fun game for me to make. Thanks for making a video!

I may have bugged out the game. I got stuck in a room with 3 locked doors and could not figure out how to progress. Check out the video (3rd game).

Oh yeah i will fix that glitch today, its funny how me and my tester didnt find it in the 2 week testing period 😂 but thanks for making a video

Just fixed that glitch man, give the game another shot

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this was fun and sad at the same time ! hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me getting mad and swearing the demons a lot :D

Its okay man! At least you had a great time, also I laughed a lot at your video

glad you did :)

That was big and fun to play, good job.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

I really enjoyed watching the video you created, thanks man, i appreciate it!
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great jobs story.

Hey man, thanks for making a video!