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Welcome to a hell presented in the form of life. In Dimensions, the player plays as Vermin Black, a wealthy artist. But behind the covers actually a sick, twisted mess. The player will be sent through the hallways and rooms which played a big role in Vermin's life. Survive hostile entities including walking corpses, possessed objects and life threatening situations. Solve puzzles and use stealth to avoid corpses.

Minimum Specs: 4Gb RAM, Intel Core i3, 500Mb Storage

Please Note: This game's story is not finished as the development of the game has been stopped indefinitely, the game still features a lot of gameplay and jump scares with 10 complete chapters. If this game gets enough positive criticism, I will consider preceding with the development of the game. The game is currently stuck in hard mode, which means: No saves and one life.

This game contains flashing images. Play at own risk.

Install instructions

Download and extract the ZIP file. Run the Dimensions executable (Dimensions.exe) to play the game.


Dimensions.zip 243 MB


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It's a little rough, but there are a lot of good ideas there. I hope you get to finish it some day.

(spanish play-through) i had fun playing the game, i got stuck in chap 7 so i wasn't able to complete it but i still enjoyed the game. keep up the good work :D


Thank you for making a video!

I really scary when I first saw the ghost. This game is so scary and it is a good horror game too. Nice work! 

Thank you for making a video! You did not break the physics. I disable door collision while the door is moving as it was frustrating when the doors used to push the player around. I enjoyed the video though!

Really solid game. The scares were pretty solid and i definitely felt insane afterwords. 

Thank you for making a video! I enjoyed it. The game is stuck in hard mode which means no saves and one life. That's why you restarted at Chapter 1 after dying.

The game is really so great i didn't play a game like that for a long time atmosphere and graphics are great good story and mechanics are so clean so well done rated 100/100 :D i hope you enjoy my

Thank you for making a video! I enjoyed watching it!

I'm so glad you liked it :D

A pretty dope scary game I could only make it to act 4 before I got stuck but one of the better horror games I've played a really good job building anticipation for scares would love to see the full game, but I couldn't get past act 4 so even with a full game I would be stuck couldn't figure it out xD.

my play through here:


Thank you for making a video! The game goes up to Chapter 10.