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Welcome back to the sick aftermath of Vermin Black.

Dimensions has been remastered and is back and better than ever with terrifying visuals and stunning new graphics and textures. Experience indie-horror at it's best!

You are Vermin Black, a wealthy entrepreneur and artist with a sickening dark side. You find yourself in an unknown place, a place where dark fiction seems to be the reality. Will you be able to get out of the deeply dark hell you find yourself in?

Minimum System Requirements: 1GB Storage, 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3

Recommended System Requirements: 1GB Storage, 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5

Please note that this is a pre-release.

For the original Dimensions go here: Old Dimensions

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tagsa_b, andries, benade, best, Creepy, dead, dimensions, Horror, realistic, scary


Dimensions Dead Edition 1.0.0.zip 797 MB
Dimensions Dead Edition 1.0.1.zip 797 MB


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Auto save too stopped

A great concept game , it almost feels like you are in the mind of the character and your own fictitious imaginings run wild as you progress down what seems like the circles of hell.

 The models are nice and creepy and have great detail along with the surrounding aesthetics and furnishings, also there is a great light effect from the lantern which works really well in the game.

However there are a few suggestions which could improve the experience a little bit more :

- Background ambience : some creepy music to keep the player uneasy and on the edge the lengthy silences kind of kill the atmosphere.

- more sounds from the monsters and the room dripping with blood and guts  these little details add to the immersion , maybe even adding a creepy voice to the writing on the walls, as you are in the characters mind you should be able to see,hear and feel it all.

These are of course just suggestions to what otherwise is a good game with some great potential, it was enjoyable to play either way.

SKIP TO 36:10!!!

Very cool little proof of concept game you got! I do have some feedback for ya throughout the play-through segment, so make sure to catch it here! Make sure to subscribe as well!

Interesting horror with good graphics, but it seemed to me that little gameplay, not enough scary moments and puzzles.

I've just finished the demo of Dead Edition. Very cool, I was really scared almost the entire time! I hope we will see a final version soon, it's a good horror experience!

Awesome first part and I can't wait for the conclusion of this! 

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I just played this for a youtube video and it was great, I loved the game design and everything, and what is especially great about this entire thing is you did all of this by yourself which shows great dedication. the maze wasn't as "Impossible" as I thought, I finished it within a few minutes with the power of luck. I'm looking forward to playing the full release. The dead guy in the chair during ch. 4 scared me, which was executed amazingly, I didn't expect it. Idk when i'll upload the video, maybe tomorrow. if you want to see see it you can look up endogen dimensions, or just find my channel and watch it. you don't need to watch it if you don't want to. Anyways, good luck on making the game and make sure your having fun doing it.


Great job! I know its not finished but it got me! 🤣  the AI of the entities chasing you gave a great horror atmosphere! 🤣💀

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series,  check it out! 👻

I didn’t know what to expect going into Dead Edition, as I’ve never played the original Dimensions. I found myself enjoying the game quite a bit, though there are some spots that could use some audio. It’s appropriately dark... and weird. The puzzles are solvable without being ridiculously easy or impossible. In fact, each chapter or area reminded me of a puzzle. With the exception of the maze — that I didn’t finish — everything moves brisk enough that doesn’t mess up the pacing. I suppose the biggest question for me is: What is the target length for the final release? All that said, well done!

Thanks for playing! And thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the game, cheers! 

Thanks for playing!

damn, the maze was messing up with my mind man lol, took my 5-6 minutes to finish the maze. But overall, the game is great!

Nice gameplay! Thank you!

no, thank you for making this game :), and thanks for the compliment.

Its a good start!

Your game was the first part of the video. The bloody dead body is really creepy. I have not played the first game did I miss anything? (What does the golden mask mean?)  This game set up the environment quite well.  I was able to progress in a good pace. I also managed to beat the maze in around 7 minutes by I guess...pure luck? I never needed to use the knife. I imagine that you are probably still working on adding more ghosts/monsters. There is no music so I added some myself. I am looking forward to seeing where you will take this game.

Thanks for your support!

Enjoyed the creepy atmosphere, confusing story and overall variety each room provided while still engaging the player. Can't wait for more. 


Awesome gameplay! It was funny how the video just faded out after you said never mind.

This was a really interesting experience. Left me very confused and unsettled, almost speechless at times. But overall, I love the variety of rooms and the unique feel of each. Great game, I hope to see more!

Loved it! Thank you!

You weren't kidding about that maze!  Holy hell that took awhile, but I managed to find my way. Also, great job making bedsheet ghosts terrifying again.

I really enjoyed your video!!! Thanks!

i lucked my way through the maze lol dont know how i madde it through

Hey thanks!


Game was great!

I really liked how it messes with you and the monsters were freaky man 


Awesome! Thank you! Share the game with your friends please!

I liked all the different sequences and how they were unique. The maze was good too but I think it would be cool to have something slowly come after you.


I really enjoyed the video! Thank! Share the game with your friends please

Nice game 100/100

Awesome gameplay! Thanks!

As a fellow developer i found how you did this amazingly. The paradox system of doors and rooms seemingly changing and morphing was amazing. Though some of the transitions were not fluid, which is to be expected.  

Little critique: Some of the starting text and dialogue do not make sense or grammar is wrong. and when you start the game, a lightbulb imediately breaks, i would simply omit that from the game, and let the player experience what that light break means.

8/10 though for sure! Took me a long time to find out i could actually use the knife stuck in the door. Great experience!

Thanks for the critique!

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good creepy :D

Thanks for playing! Tell your friends about the game.

I expected monster at every corner but it was very fun to play, I also found a glitch, in part 4 there's a room with a safe and a painting, you can climb on it and stay on the wall so you can pretty much go where ever you want

Thank a lot! Tell your friends about the game.

Really nice experience, Graphics, sound effects and overall everything is perfect  :) 5/5

Hey thanks! Tell your friends about the game.

I played dimensions first version and this one is a way better so well done dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks! Please tell your friends about the game.

Sure i will :)

Nice game , Ambiance is really good !

Thank you for playing the game! Tell your friends about it.